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   Album - When I'm Gone

Blow's latest release sees the band's progress in music and recording.

Heavy Country flavour to some tracks amongst the all our Rock attack amidst a dabble of quasi ballads.

Produced by Aria Award winning international producer, Steve James, the album has tracks to please all.

1. It's a Start

2. Goodbye

3. Are you ready

4. Narrow Minds

5. Getaway

6. When I'm Gone

7. Broken Heart

8. Doctor

9. Take Me Away

10. Fly


   Album : Endless Night

Blow's second offering saw the release of a complete original album, and included the reproduction of the two original tracks of the first release EP:

1. Set Me Free

2. I Know

3. Keepin' it Up

4. 1000 Miles

5. Damn Things

6. Endless Night

7. Nowhere to Run | 8. I Need You

9. Use to be | 10. Seen it all before

11. So much love | 12. I Believe

13. Merry Go Round

14. New York Dolls

15. Time to move on


 EP : Blow - a taste of

Blow's first release, comprised two original tracks and two covers:

1. New York Dolls

2. St Louis (Vanda and Young cover)

3. I Believe

4. Rock Steady (Paul Rogers cover)

5. St Louis (Radio Mix)


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