Blowdown .... 18 October 2017


Time moves so fast ... it is nearly twelve months since our last Blowdown in November 2016.

We released and launched our "When I'm Gone" album in November last year. The album has received a great response locally and overseas with radio stations and the music press, including the USA, Italy, Holland and Germany.

Locally tracks of the album have consistently resided in  Australian Radio Indie charts ... the first single "It's a Start" made it to top 3 .... the title song "When I'm Gone" also stayed in the charts for a while .... then "Fly" literally flew up the charts to Number One where it stayed for quite a few weeks ! ... we were over the moon as you would expect. Then the Robbie led "Take Me Away" came out of the gates and landed us in top 3 .... and in recent times "Are you Ready" has seen the band in top 3 !!

We would like to thank Australian Radio Indie and in particular Mr Stephen Jones for all the support. Very much appreciated.

Blow is in its 12th year, quite a feat given general life expectancy of most bands. The band has had to endure its fair share of challenges both as a band and in the personal lives of members. This year was no exception with our Rock and Roll front man, Tony T, having a quadruple heart bi-pass.

The good news is that he is back better and stronger than ever after a spell of some three months or so. He was out to prove that last Saturday night with his first full show at South Hurstville RSL, which he did. Great to see him back and we would like to thank all the people that have expressed their good wishes and shared their prayers, we are sure this all helped his quick recovery.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the venues and agents that were understanding of the situation and helped us work through the period.

As you can see by this pic .... "he's back !!! " ..... a big thanks also goes out to Karin S for her photo and all the wonderful shots that of the band that she has taken and graciously shared.

We would like to welcome back our brother Michael R to the drum pedestal with open arms. Our man Curtis M decided to take some time away from the limelight and we were delighted that Michael was willing to re-join us and continue to evolve. We are excited about the prospects that lie ahead and watch this space to see further changes that will catapult the band - watch this space.

Also great news as our bass player Lou tied the knot with the lovely Maree Lindsay. We wish them all the best for a long, healthy and prosperous life together. We are all looking forward to hearing the patter of little feet in the near future !!  .... yes, they were talking about buying a French Bulldog.

So now back in the swing of things, we do have some great gigs coming up .... South Hurstville RSL (including NYE !!) ..... the Bridge Hotel Rozelle ... Club Cronulla .... Caringbah Hotel (with the Radiators) .... Campbelltown RSL ..... Bull and Bush Hotel and many more .....

We hope you can come and join us for a few laughs and a bit of music soon.



    CDs can also be purchased from our Blow On-Line Store