About the Shakers ....

Martini Shakers motto We play Everything”

Twang, bop, classic rock, rockabilly, countrified rock, boogie, Tex-Mex. Something to dance, sing-along and have a laugh with!!

Five special friends playing great songs, sometimes just a bit differently. Having a good time at it and loving what they do and  doing it really well!

Perfect for funky bars, private parties and events, pubs & clubs, festivals…. pretty much everything and everywhere.

The band enjoys an extensive repertoire that includes classics from Stray Cats, Nancy Sinatra, Creedence, Steve Earl, the Clash, Johnny Cash, Linda Rondstadt, Jefferson Airplane, the Kinks, the Troggs, White Stripes, Stones, Eagles, Choir Boys, Dragon, Pretenders, Bon Jovi, Queen, Van Morrison and many, many more !!


Band Members

Cousin Stevie "The Maestro" - Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin & Vocals

Cousin Sandy “The Amazing” - Vocals and all things that rattle & shake

Cousin Nicola "The Ninja" - Bass & Vocals

Cousin Carl "The Thinker" - Guitar and other noises

Cousin Zoltan - ”The Excitable" - Drums & percussion