A great night of music is what you can expect at any Headliner's gig .... as the band continuously delivers its high calibre performance at every event and venue it  is given the opportunity to entertain.

The band’s mission statement is simply to 'play songs that people want to hear' and that coincidentally also corresponds to songs that the band loves to play - Win/Win - and it shows !

The band 's powerful vocal execution and diversity is a standout. along with the wealth of musical experience that is reflected in its extensive and broad repertoire that includes great tracks from the following artists and many more  ……

Mondo Rock, Chisel, Bon Jovi, Crowded House, the Angels, Queen, Bryan Adams, the Angels, the Easybeats, Creedence, AC/DC, the Beatles, the Eagles, Prince, John Mellencamp, the Church, Pretenders, Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers, Stones, Miley Cyrus (ok, maybe not Miley Cyrus) … but a lot, lot more ….

The Band is made up of the following 'heaps looking good' guys :

Stewart Booth : Lead Vocals (with occasional sundry tribal percussive instruments)

Alistair Johnson : Guitar and Vocals (with a dash of lead egg shaker, band permitting)

Geoff McGarvey: Bass and Vocals (focussed on keeping the guys together)

Graeme Keavney: Guitar and Vocals (heaps licks and stuff)

Andrew Brody: Drums (happy to watch it all unfold in front !)