RockLaw Gig Guide

Date Act Venue Start Time
May 2019   
4 May 2019BlowClub Cronulla8:30pm
4 May 2019Ready to RockSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
10 May 2019Under the CoversClub Cronulla8:30pm
11 May 2019BlowSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
11 May 2019Wild CherryClub Cronulla8:30pm
17 May 2019Martini ShakersClub Cronulla8:30pm
17 May 2019Eric Grothe and the GurusClub Heathcote8:30pm
18 May 2019 Band for Kids Fundraiser (Blow) Club Heathcote7:00pm
18 May 2019Latin Power South Hurstville RSL8:45pm
24 May 2019SouthlandClub Cronulla8:30pm
24 May 2019Studio (Trio)Bidwill Hotel8:00pm
25 May 2019Steve Edmonds BandClub Cronulla8:30pm
25 May 2019Crossroads - Eric Clapton TributeSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
31 May 2019Wild CherryClub Engadine8:00pm
31 May 2019English and the DocClub Cronulla8:30pm
June 2019   
1 June 2019BlowDundas Sports Club8:30pm
1 June 2019The MezcaltonesClub Cronulla8:30pm
2 June 2019The GeneratorsClub Heathcote4:00pm
8 June 2019CoveRageSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
15 June 2019Alan Barnes BandSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
22 June 2019BlowClub Engadine8:00pm
22 June 20196th AvenueSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
28 June 2019Wild CherryClub Heathcote8:30pm
29 June 2019Celebration MixSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
July 2019   
5 July 2019StackhouseClub Cronulla8:30pm
12 July 2019Wayne Leffler (Solo)Club Cronulla8:30pm
13 July 2019BlowGledswood EstateTBA
13 July 2019The HeadlinersClub Cronulla8:30pm
13 July 2019Mick on WheelsSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
14 July 2019The HeadlinersClub Heathcote3;45pm
19 July 2019Stuart JamminClub Cronulla8:30pm
20 July 2019BlowClub Cronulla8:30pm
20 July 2019Kick Star BandSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
26 July 2019MojoMenClub Cronulla8:30pm
26 July 2019Fleetwood NicksClub Heathcote8:30pm
27 July 2019Cover StorySouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
27 July 2019CoveRageClub Cronulla8:30pm
August 2019   
2 August 20192 Degrees South Club Cronulla8:30pm
2 August 2019Last StandClub Heathcote8:30pm
3 August 2019BlowSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
3 August 2019The GeneratorsClub Cronulla8:30pm
3 August 2019Wild CherryGeorges River Sailing8:30pm
9 August 2019Studio (Trio)Club Cronulla8:30om
10 August 2019Stackhou5eSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
16 August 2019Martini ShakersClub Cronulla8:30pm
16 August 2019Wild CherrySt Marys Leagues9:00pm
17 August 2019Latin PowerSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm
23 August 2019Chris Cooke Solo Club Cronulla8:30pm
24 August 2019Wild CherryClub Cronulla8:30pm
24 August 2019Electric Tree (Danny Marx Young)South Hurstville RSL8:45pm
25 August 2019Rebecca Johnson BandClub Heathcote4:00pm
30 August 2019Cover StoryClub Cronulla8:30pm
31 August 2019The JacksClub Cronulla8:30pm
31 August 2019The HeadlinersSouth Hurstville RSL8:45pm